Hi, I'm Avi Mehenwal.

software engineer and freelancer


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Software Automation profession who treats automation as a software development project and believes thoroughly tested products is not a choice but a mandate. Testing is an activity, not a team. New challenging tasks involving Research and Development have always fascinated me.

Professional started working as a network automation engineer, Application Developer and Software Automation Engineer and currently freelancing on testing, DevOps projects.

  • Working environments Scrum, Agile, CI/CD, continuous delivery
  • Specialties Linux, Automation, Python, lua, shell, TDD, pen testing
  • Domains Interested Distributed Systems and Operations, Cloud Computing, System Architecture, OS Virtualization, Machine Learning and Secutities

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Latest Post

Feb 17, 2018

Automated vs Manual Testing

Automated vs Manual Testing With increase in the number of webapp and new technologies knocking our doors and pressure to release ideas early in the market is of major importance. And hence we can say the devOps methodologies and Agile approach has boosted the popularity of automation tesating over manual testing. Although there are some parts which are still best manual (like Usability, security testing etc.) but around 70% of the regression testing could be automated. ...Read More


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