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Saturday,Mar 30, 2019

Greenseers foodblog

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Project Greenseers is a project targeting on spreading scientific information about food and nutrition and and demystifying common misconceptions and myths. As of now this project is mostly me taking notes from other resources available on internet and just collecting them on my website. My aim is to learn as much as possible about food and nutrition (as opposed to general knowledge) and share the same information with the world.
Saturday,Feb 17, 2018


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Just another educational website which presents various German Phrases, Words and general quotes which I collected and learned when I was learning german (as a matter of fact I still do XD). Learning new language is hard and takes lots of time and patience. If you got any ideas how the daunting task of learning a new language could be made more fun, do not hesitate to let me know your world changing idea.

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