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Guide to being immortal in this age

Wednesday,Feb 13, 2019

Guide to being immortal in this age


pim learning internet

learning revision marker on page, page last read, keep on improving content on every iteration, add an image, improve language, use new words which you learnt, add/make videos. Its for you! unless its for others

include the tools to learn the content fast, MNENOMICS, visuals, mindmaps and self tests. Journey method, mind palace, method of Loci

blog = WebLog Paperless classroom website name - the daring librarian, associate it with GOAL of work you are doing Educational network? Edublog - classroom management techniques

promote high order thinking, The idea is that some types of learning require more cognitive processing than others, but also have more generalized benefits. DIKW pyramid Bloom’s taxonomy

Monetise - spark curiosity for engagement, GOOD handcrafted questions MoBo - Mobile blogging who would I be, if I don’t try to make it better!

Literate programming is a programming paradigm introduced by Donald Knuth in which a program is given as an explanation of the program logic in a natural language, such as English, interspersed with snippets of macros and traditional source code, from which a compilable source code can be generated.[1]

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